Kench, just nerfed abit too much

I've been playing Kench for a long time. I don't play champs because they are op and i hate cookie cutter meta's in general. I just like Kench playstyle and have always been a tank player. Just to say, that it isn't a form of: "My OP champ got nerfed, so change him back" I play top and win most matchups and i understand his pick/banrate is very high in competetive, so i shouldn't be to surprised to see a few nerfs. The one thing that "kills" him in lane, is the fact that his Q (Tongue lash) does not add to his passive stacks. That is a HUGE part of his fighting potential and a big part of being able to outplay on incoming ganks. You already nerfed his shields, loads of CD's, AP part of passive and consuming stacks with Q stun - But imo, you should reverse the nerf to his Q + passive. I have lost matchups today, that i have never lost in my life. Wether it being ranked, casuals or 3v3. I don't claim to be a great player by any means. I doubt i would ever survive in a platinum league, but i do know about Kench and i have always loved him, but his fighting potential is decreased by a MASSIVE amount, and i would say way too much. With his super low attack speed and the best idea for him building tank/hp/cdr, the stacks take way, waaay to long to get up.
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