This "League of Dark Harvest" meta is just like the "League of Thunderlords" but worse.

I remember when Thunderlords was the go to Keystone. If you didn't pick it, you were basically trolling. Either team consisted of at least 3 Thunderlords users and it was a fiesta. Now, with this absurd Dark Harvest, it's the same thing but it's giving everyone an execute THAT SCALES. I remember when the PBE was actually for testing broken shit like this and not just a glorified skins spotlight. It's fun seeing 2-4 people in most of my games running Dark Harvest. This patch feels like whichever team has more Dark Harvest users wins, and it sucks. But, Riot just want to keep this clown fiesta of burst per second in their game, and it's horrible. How was this iteration of DH even let through testing? Didn't someone realise "Oh, Dark Harvest is a little too strong and champs that would normally take other primary Runes are now running this. Maybe we should nerf it or just remove it from the game." And yeah, I know there are plenty of rant threads, but I, along with many of your players want this game to become more strategic and not just "press more buttons and do the damage and win".
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