The Recent Ziggs Augment Nerf

Riot Mort on Twitter
So this won't be popular but....we're making two adjustments to Odyssey Ziggs Augments via hotfix later today. Afterburner - Now only grants the shield to the Ziggs that cast W Mayhem - Now doesn't get the CD reduction by hitting allies.
Not to mention the missions are super hard already, when players found a way to win this game mode, as always Riot changes it. It is an event, like the other players commented, it is supposed to be fun and rewarding, and now the chance has been taken away from us. If you want players to go through hard tough not even skilled missions, because the monsters inside just have out numbers you with tremendous health and atk, why would you even bother giving us the augments to play with it? Not to mention the last mission requires 2 augments to challenge and unless you are with friends it is so hard to get other players to work with you. I can't help but noticed that there is also a recruitment mission, doesn't that already mean League of Legends has become a less fun game to play with? When players discovered a fun way to earn rewards, according to Riot Mort the Ziggs strat has no effort and apparently they (Riot?) are not happy about it. What Riot Mort does not know is that, it still takes a lot of time to practice and coordinate with friends and/or randoms to get the strategy to work out. This process actually made the mode fun and rewarding, because it is not an easy task to begin with. No wonder players starting to play less League of Legends, because we cannot even earn rewards for events! What I am most disappointed about is that, Riot Mort said the reward is not meant for everyone. Then what is the purpose of making a game mode with rewards that is almost impossible for most players to achieve for? I don't know since when the opinion of a senior designer is greater than the vast population of League community. I really enjoyed the old League of Legends where missions are actually meaningful. I think rewards should be given to players as long as they spend enough time and/or play as fives, if Riot tries to get the community to be involved. One game I played also has extra hard stages for players who wants to be challenged, the reward for the extra hard mode will be in game currency, for League of Legends it will be BE, but all other exclusive rewards are earn-able for all players as long as they finish all the missions. Like when the first VS missions came out it was like that as well. I hope Riot listens to us, because with decisions like this (nerf the augments) will only push players away instead of keeping them. Best Regards, A player since the beginning of S3

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