ARAM Balancing

I know its ARAM and you cant change a champ because of it, its not the primary game mode it just wouldn't be practical or fair to the champ. However many champs feel very over powered on ARAM. sona soraka jhin varus xerath, to name a few. but there all manageable they may be annoying and op but its not the worst. what is the worst is that darn scarecrow throwing e and melting your whole team while silencing them. its just not fun to paly against in the slightest. I understand fidd is struggling in 5s and I like the little guy so I'm glad to see him buffed. but god damn do those crows bounce so many times and they hurt. anyway these are just some thoughts of mine and id like to hear what everyone else has to say. let me know if you agree with me or let me know who your least favorite ARAM champ to fight is also big thank you to any mods to any mods that move my post, I wasn't sure where exactly to put it
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