Not gonna lie, Aatrox's new mini-rework did hit the spot

Even if he still feels miles away from the original Aatrox, this is the closest we ever got to his rework to, well, feel kinda like an actual rework. He went back to be the squishy champion who deals damage in saccaded burst while achieving really high survivability, not through natural/built resistances, but through unmatched sustain. Mechanicaly-wise, he is still an alien, but the type of champion and his gameplay concepts finally start to feel right at home. While I do think that his new ult is incredibly fun, I still believe (like many others who fought against Aatrox or even popular Aatrox players like Hashinshin said) that *outside* sources of healing should either get half the effect or to not be affected by the enhanced sustain. This will just result in pro-play team comps to be created with insane healing, resulting in (once again) entire strategies based on force funneling Aatrox into an ***UNSTOPPABLE*** force who'll get nerfed into nothing once again. TLDR; reduce outside healing enhancement from Aatrox ult.
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