I went top lane and instantly regret it

i just played top lane again after a while and i reminded myself why i dont go there anymore ... Conqueror + ignite i enjoy mainly tank champion ornn nasus etc...i decided to play the stacking monster nasus and i was lucky enough to go vs a tryn ... By seeing the tryn with conqueror and ignite i was defeated just by him having them 2 things ... If i even thought about going up to a single minion to last hit it i would be faced with a slow followed by his spin and dashes and finally getting ignitied and autoed to death or losing a massive amount of HP so naturally i let him push wave but just being forced under turret and unable to do anything .... Can we nerf this true damage taken into top lane .... conqueror and ignite is abundent .... to see tanks gone because of these 2 things giving a huge advantage ...
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