My Experiences Traveling Through Gold/Silver (Smurf)

In my endeavors as a support main trying to reach back to platinum 1, I've notice a few things encompassed inside the lower elos. Some of my findings are as follows: - Toxicity is at an all time HIGH in champion select. I've never been flamed so much for picking a champion at high elos. For instance, Yuumi is a love hate pick at these elos because she has such great potential to get your bottom lane fed. But your bottom laner will not admit you are the one carrying them in the bottom lane unless it becomes truly evident 9 kills later. - People are trying new champions they've only ever seen played against them. People are choosing to use Sylas, Pyke, and other new champions with 0 mastery points indicating that this is their first time using said champion. - Many people still have the mentality that they are the best player on the team and don't need to listen to the (obviously) much more experienced players in their game. They begin to engage in 1v2 situations late game costing the game for all players. These findings are just reflections on what I have encountered in my journey in the lower elos and do not apply to ALL players.
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