Is Damage done a good statistic to see how well a jungler has played?

Hi! I am a silver V player and after playing games as support, I changed to jungle since my impact in the game depended on my team, especially on my ADC. I watched a few guides on how to jungle properly. Most of them said the usual stuff, like KP, Objectives taken and KDA etc. etc. However, none of them talked about Damage dealt to enemy champions. I am saying this after two amazing games as Xin, I was pretty pissed off as even though I almost carried the game, I still dealt the second least damage. Except for one mistimed smite, I managed to get all the dragons and even helped my laners dominate their lane. I am asking this because both my mid and ADC were being toxic to me that I was "KSing" their kills. However, all of my arguments were rendered mute becasue whenever I said that I made the enemy bot lane waste their flashes two minutes they would say "lul you dealt the least damage". I really want to know if I am doing something wrong. I felt I played really well but the stats say otherwise. Even in terms of gold, I had the second lowest. Please help me out here guys. Here is my if you guys wanna check it out
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