I think it is baiscally official that the Akali rework is an unfixable failure.

Long time Akali players hate it even if they got use to the kit since her ban rate is still about 45% after countless nerfs leaving her in an abysmal spot where I highly doubt even pros would pick her for being "broken". And don't act like it is all better now. It is going to get nerfed again in a few patches. Yes I am calling it now. If anything the rework took issues Akali already had, amplified them, and added several more. The high ban rate suggest that people hate facing Akali more than other champs. Riot, are you ever going to learn that letting CertanlyT having free reign with a kit design is just asking for an impossible to balance nightmare. Be it Zyra, Kalista, Yasuo, Darius, Akali or Zoe. Are they fun to play as? Sure. Are they rewarding to play against? Hell no they literally make you feel like you can't do anything when the champ is at all strong. The only reason Warwick didn't fail was because CertanlyT was only a part of the rework. Yes, I know CertanlyT is likely working on a new champ or rework right now, and it is going to be another frustrating migraine to play against with something like a 4 second windwall making ults disappear, turret diving stealth, kill dragon to push a lane for the next 2 minutes or nuke an enemy from across the map. Many of us do not want him on the design and rework team because his designs consistently cross lines of feeling unfair to play against. You don't know how to fix Yasuo, you don't know how to fix Zoe, You don't know how to fix Akali, Mord or Kalista and the moment any of them get buffed they will have their ban rates skyrocket. Try to treat the symptoms all you want but until you treat the source the problem is not going away.
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