Stop saying that these champions are unoriginal and plain copies of other champs.

Seriously, it is extremely difficult to make original concepts without copying from the champions numbering over 100. Can you haters do better? Yuumi isn’t a Sona clone purely cuz of her ultimate. The cat has numerous qualities that make her her own champion. She has a guided missile that is controlled by the mouse? HURRRRR THATS THE SION ULTI AND NUNU SNOWBALLZ EVER. UNORIGINAL AND OP BLAME CERTAINLYT !!!!1 She can attach to other champs? DAHHH SHE IS RAKAN RITO STAHP NEING UNORIGINAL AND BLAME CERTAINLYT!!1!! She can autoattack? ALL CHAMPS CAN AUTOATTACK AND THIS CAT STEALS THIS OH SO UNORIGINAL UNINSTALL AND PLAY FORNITE BLAMECERTAINLYT!!!!1!one! At least be happy she isn’t overloaded.
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