Spell Viablility

Before I go on, let me go ahead and adjust the Discussion a bit. We're talking about Summoner spells within the Rift. Not Champion kit spells. Alright, as implied- I am curious about what makes a Summonor's spell useful or nessessary. Excluding Clarity, Mark, Teleport, Flash and Smite, I can understand what spells counter another and how to take advantage once they're down- For examples: If you're up against ignite, take barrier. if you're up against heal, take ignite. If you're up against an immobile champion or you roam to get ahead, take ghost. If you're against a very fast opponent and or someone who does a lot of damage, take exhaust. And if you're up against someone with exhaust, take cleanse. But from what I've experienced, ignite, heal and flash own the choice market and I'm not sure that it is because they're unique. I mean, they're all unique, but looking at them, what is it that makes the ability viable? What makes them favorable over others? From what I can guess, its the shear amount of times the user can activate them and how many "extras" that come along with it which makes them versitile. 1. Ghost: 180s CD- move 28%-45% faster for 10s 2. Heal: 240s CD- 90-345 HP restoration, + 30% movement for 1s 3. Barrier: 180 CD- 115-455 Shield for 2s 4. Exaust: 210 CD- Enemy speed reduced by 30% and damage reduced by 40% for 2s 5. Cleanse: 210 CD- Removes first dissability and 65% of other disabilities for 3 seconds 6. Ignite: 180 CD- deals 70-410 true damage, grants vision, and reduces healing over a period of 5 seconds Personally, I would love to see all of these have the same countdown timers and if not, nerf how often ignite can be used because more often than most- ignite is what wins you the trade, battle, lane and fight due to the shear raw power it offers to every lane. So why do you take the popular spells? What makes those stand out more than the others? Is pro play the influence? Your responses intregues me.
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