Step Back For A Second

The front page is currently flooded with people outpouring their support for Nubrac. You know what? The highest elo person I saw defending Nubrac was mid gold. Literally every single person who has actually played with Nubrac’s “strat” hates it. It is griefing, pure and simple. As LS pointed out on a tweet, by Nubrac’s own admission bot lane will lose hard early being 2v1, and bot lane is ALREADY the most fragile lane in the game early. Mid loses experience, which puts them at a level disadvantage, and the stats gained by levels are more important on mid landers than adc’s (so don’t even try to say it will be balanced out by the adc getting solo experience). Nightblu is a dick, yeah, and he should also be banned for being a dick in game, but maybe people should take a step back from their “let’s hate NB3” circlejerk to realize that Nubrac’s griefing is just that, griefing.
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