LP splashing for autofill...

IMO, it still doesn't make people give a shit. More than once.... TODAY... have I encountered this, and they don't care because 'i only lose 3 lp lul.' No. Make it hurt. Make them care. My last autofill I played thru and won, gained 58 lp for that role and 10 for my main role. Losses should at least be 75% of this, if not 100% or even the normal full game for the main role. We're now back to how it was before Dynamic Q in S6 -- people better know all roles in Ranked, at least a champ or two in each. I remember pick order. I learned how to jg and support because of it. I just need to improve my play all around. However, it's difficult when you have people auto-filled who do not care if they win. If that's you, play normals. If you queue for ranked, play to win whatever you get. Opinions? Normally I don't get so upset, but it happens when you get this three games in a row. Anyway, regards from someone hard stuck atm.
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