Am I Supposed To Not Play Ranked For a While After New Season Hits?

I have played 10 ranked games in the jungle, my main role, since the season began. I have lost 9 of those games in a row. Seems to me like every game I play, at least one of the following always happens: 1. Troll on my team 2. Someone who seems like a smurf on enemy team, because they stomp the whole game 3. At least one of my lanes feeds(i.e. 0/5 at 10 minutes) 4. My team has a horrible team comp, and the enemy team has an amazing one 5. Toxic people on my team I know I am not, by any means, a great or even good player in some games, and I could do more to increase my chances of winning a game, but when these things happens it just makes me feel like it doesn't matter if I play my best. I cannot even remember when I've had an experience this horrible in ranked for this amount of time. I have been playing ranked since season 3, and have been at least gold since season 5. Since season 6, I usually just get into Gold then stop playing ranked to focus on college. I'm just curious if anyone else has been having a similar experience in their ranked games.
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