Ok. Wtf.

Shaco is getting a rework while Twitch sucks even more than him. I guess Twitch players just weren't loud enough. I don't mean that Shaco didn't need a rework, the guy couldn't do damage from e, it was like 50 dmg lvl 1 or something (after counting early game resistances). He was a really bad champion. But Twitch is in even worse spot and is only played in a funnel with Lulu or some other champions. His solo performance is so bad that people dodge games when he is in their team. If we rework champions then Twitch also needs a rework. He is in such a spot because of his synergy with Lulu, which made him get a significant amount of nerfs in season 7 and 8 and now he is in a meta that is highly focused around doing burst damage. That makes him die a lot and is the main reason why he is so bad now. Its better with Shaco who suffered only because his kit was underperforming while other assassins could do the same thing better. I am not saying that Twitch should be buffed. What I would prefer is breaking his synergy with Lulu so that he can stand as a champion and then we can slightly buff him. For example we can give him back his hp scaling, which was taken in S8. That alone would fix his chance of survival in this harsh meta.
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