Bard DESERVES to be buffed into an adequate support

I don't get it, bard is classified as a support yet his kit is almost jungle like (His passive only spawns in the jungle, crazy movement speed) First of all, his heal does close to nothing, if you play him like a support you cant do much when your ADC is under attack. And when you do farm your heal somewhere, either your ADC wont reach it in time or the enemy will just destroy it. In my opinion, it should have charges. Like 2 or 3 so you dont have to wait so long just to place another, and that it deals damage and slows enemies when they cross over it. It should heal more and Bard should be able to place up to 4 of them instead of only 3. Its heal should be buffed by 15 more hp and the movement speed should last 1 second longer. Second of all, his E is totally useless, whats the point of it when enemy champions can use it too? Isn't Bard a support? His e should be for allied champions only, period. His Q is the most boring and needlessly difficult ability in his kit. Like, is has a VERY short range, does minimal damage, has the worst slow duration and the shortest lasting stun, on top of that is REALLY difficult to hit. Compare it to Morgana's Q: Morgana's Q root duration is double that of Bard's stun, yet it costs less, deals more damage and its much easier to hit His ultimate, oh gosh, his ultimate Where do I even begin? His ultimate activates a stasis effect on ANYTHING that moves (plus towers), Sure it can be useful but for that you need 1000 IQ so you dont accidentally freeze your own ally and watch him get obliterated without having the ability to do diddly. Like,w hats the point of an ultimate if it has the chance to benefit enemies? His ultimate should be like a mix between Janna's and Sivir's. When cast, bard plays a tune that gives all allies in a big circle around him that grants 20% movement speed and huge burst of health regeneration, and all enemies in its range experience a weaker {{summoner:3}} effect. Its duration should be tied to his mana, When active it drains 15% of his maximum mana per second. I know, I know, Its not fair to compare 2 totally different abilities, but this is very problematic, all champions deserve to be equally viable. Bard (as far as I know) has been left untouched for a long time In a nutshell: Q - Twice the range, double the duration of the slow, or just remove it completely W - More charges, more healing, longer lasting movement speed E - Now only lets allies trough
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