Hello American friends... Please, somebody prove to me that the boards are more then angry Vaynes?

Could somebody please walk into Riot's head office with a megaphone and scream at the developers for allowing {{champion:67}} exist for 3 years without any counters, any items that directly counter her and allowing her players to be the ONLY champ in the game that can die 50 times at the start and win later in the game by building the same boring, overpowered AD items. That is literally the ONLY way to get Riot to listen. I don't MIND {{champion:67}} being powerful. I just want to see more items that directly COUNTER her, something like a protection from her annoying %Max Health damage that is impossible to block. I want to see her actually get rewarded for playing well and punished for playing badly, not either way, your f**ked if the game goes on too long. Every Vayne main builds the same way, its not even funny. Its got way way beyond a joke now and Riot seem to want her to be powerful. Why exactly? She counters everything, squishies and tanks, its all the same to her, all dead within 3 shots. Every sane person that doesn't main this toxic piece of crap (and lets be honest, generally its people with personality or anger issues) knows what a pain she is and how she is different then every other ADC in the game. If {{champion:22}} gets behind, she stays behind, as does most other ADC's in this game but Vayne might as well be AFK for the first 15 minutes of the game. She is simply not a good design AT ALL because you have ONE option to beat her; - Finish the game before she gets a few items under her belt. That is it, it makes her laning one of the worst and most boring lanes to play with or against because it makes the laning phase completely irrelevant. I play support a lot and even if I play well against a Vayne, she can still murder our entire team, including tanks about 15 minutes in, even if she was sitting on 0/50/0. This is just not fun Riot... I don't know how to break through that wall of ignorance that you have erected around yourself when decided to do absolutely pathetic nerfs on her, rather then rework her completely to put her in line with other ADC's. The worst people are... just people who choose this champ in normals... Its like you WANT everyone to hate you and you get off on it. I just don't understand why people would even pick this in a casual normal game because it just makes the game totally not matter until about 15 minutes into the match.
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