What do you want from ADCs?

You don't want the entire teamfight to be about protecting your ADC. Fair enough. You don't want to be a shield bot for the ADC. Fair enough. But you still want adcs to be team reliant and squishy? This is what confuses me. You want adcs to be team reliant and squishy, but you yourself don't want to have to protect the adc. The answer to this is obvious. Adcs need to be less team reliant in exchange for some late game damage. But what items do people want nerfed.{{item:3812}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3046}} and lifesteal in general. These items are what allow adcs to be self reliant. DD is what allows Adcs to counter burst and lifesteal themselves back up. These items are what are needed in order for you to not have to protect the ADC. And if the enemy is building right, they can't go 3 crit items like they may want to. I see less and less people buying armor and that's what allows ADCs to go triple crit. Pick your poison. Do you want ADCs who need their team to protect, but are effective when they do get that protection? Or do you want to not have to cater to the ADC and give them some self reliance.
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