"Stop Dying"

So, was reading another thread and this piece of advice was brought up a lot, mostly to point out how bad/ridiculous it is as advice but I couldn't understand why. Like, I tell myself this all the time, sometimes even after my first death. If I start a fight, or drag a fight out thinking I can win, but end up losing I know its my fault and why I died. So I tell myself to stop doing that dumb shit, and to stop dying. Why is it bad advice exactly? When you say this to a person, they know exactly why they died and should be able to refrain from actions that risk themselves getting killed. With some exclusions, obviously. Getting back to back dived or 4 manned are tricky to avoid when you're alone or very far behind. But giving up 4+ kills in a lane is just indicative of people repeating the same mistakes and needing to be told to stop dying.
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