Zyra no longer viable in mid lane

The recent change to the plant ai has taken zyra completely out of mid lane. She is no longer viable as an apc. It's extremely frustrating that Riot has done this since in the mage update, they promised that they would always balance her with mid lane in mind since the majority of zyra mains like playing her mid. Unfortunately, this latest change has absolutely crushed her mid lane presence. She's being balanced as if she is a support only champion. This is a slap in the face to zyra mains who were told by Riot that they would respect her mid mage origins. _________ Edit: This blew up a little bit, so I want to expand on the problems. Some people are saying "just land your skills and it's no problem," but it's clear they don't play Zyra much. Here's the problem with that logic -- During the rework, Riot specifically made it so that she gets the most damage out of procing multiple seeds at once, but she has no control over where her passive seeds spawn. So you can either proc the w seeds you put down and hit a champion, or you can hit the highest concentration of seeds, but they won't hit your enemy. The other major issue here is that she is a zone mage with a slow aa missile speed. If she misses a skillshot, she's now required to throw a slow aa at the enemy champ to get her plants to attack them. Meanwhile, the enemy champion can start advancing on her, knowing that her primary source of damage won't do shit to them and that she has LONG cds to boot.
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