Rate my yuumi build and skill max order

Ok so im gonna give you all my skill max order, and my build order from first to last Heres the finished build in order from first to last https://i.gyazo.com/f0558d231845506ef05a5689cfdffcb9.png Heres is the build order while im building them in game: First items I get when game starts: Spellthiefs Edge, Ward, 2 Red pots Build order after first items: Frostfang>dark seal>lost chapter>mejis>tier 1 boots or blasting wand>blasting wand or tier 1 boots> Ludens Echo> chalice of harmony or Fiendish codex> Athenes unholy grail>mobies or sorcs> Needlessly large rod x2>Rabadons>ward item built from frost fang, and then finished with build Skill Max order: Q>W>R>E in that order

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