@Meddler What are the upcoming balance changes to Veigar?

Hi, **Veigar** main here. **@Meddler** I wanted to know what ideas you had in mind for the buffs that are coming for Veigar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are some of my thoughts if you want... **Passive:** I think it's fine no change here. **Q - Baleful Strike:** I did enjoy what you guys did to his Q during the rework but in-lane trading became difficult albeit stacking has become easier. **W - Dark Matter:** Really nice scaling AoE ability that does well at clearing. I actually max this first against heavy pushers mid. I feel W is in the right place, but it is due to E that it feels a lot weaker. **E - Event Horizon:** I am not sure how I truly feel about this ability. I miss being able to catch and stun people with accuracy. But the E being delayed actually works very nicely as zoning tool so you can say its better for team fights and tower dives. W is hard to hit when E misses, and with new E it misses a lot by design. **R - Primordial Burst:** I really did feel the nerf in dmg after the rework especially w/o dfg. When he is fed and ahead it is very punishing and very toxic ... but then again so is Zed's, Syndra's, Annie's, Talon's, LeBlanc's, Kat's, Yasuo's, etc ultimates. Wouldn't mind some power back here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Thoughts:** I think what Veigar needs is more consistency. Sure in the right hands Veigar is a scaling destructive force that almost seems unbeatable at times. But people need to realize that he is weak against all AD mids and suffers in lane due to mana costs, lack of a reliable form of trading, no escapes with no mobility besides using E. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Possible Solutions?** **E and W Changes:** Make E more reliable at stunning targets. If that's not possible make W easier to land possibly with some form of interaction with E. Possible increasing the AoE of W inside of E. **Q Changes:** Make his trading more reliable by making Q have diminishing dmg but can pass through multiple monster, minions, and champions or an interesting idea where his Q after passing through/killing the first minion then successfully killing the second minion hit pops Baleful Strike out like MF's Q and prioritizes Champions dealing extra dmg. _______________________________________________________________________________________ ty4reading ur boy barry bordeaux
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