Late game champion btw

Fiora can start bullying champions from level 1 with her low mana cost spammable mobility spell. She can bully early game champs and late game champs from level 1. We are Rito Games: Fiora’s W was meant to be used as a skill tool to deflect a hard CC tool and counter it, but we buff it anyway so now the Fiora player can just use W at anytime and still benefit. 2 second slow and cripple. Fiora can int and feed all game and still be able to 1v5 from level 11. We are also Rito Games: We show no bias towards any champion, that’s why we haven’t nerfed Fiora once since 7.14 hotfix buff and we give her buff and buff every other patch for 2 years. Playing against Fiora is really fun guys. Enjoy playing the minigame of protect the vitals which Fiora can glitch and hit anyway.
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