Passive Int Feeders What are you doing about it Riot?

Classic Smurf Passive int feeders. This one of the reasons why Smurfing is toxic to Ranked games. They do all they can to not feed but make sure their team loses so they can stay in the rank they want to smurf in. They LITERALLY throw games but do it in a way that the stupid Riot ban bots wont ban them. They almost never talk to the team because thats the fastest way to get banned. They dont group with their team. They dont take objectives that the enemy is going for and let their team die in 4v5 fights but in the end they will have a good KDA but it was 100% their fault why the team lost. If they played at all to help their team it would have been a win. Once they get below 50% win rate they play great and get some wins in to bring up their MMR but never play to win to advance. They always say "Im just having fun" when they are LITERALLY Ruining the game for 4 other players
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