Gragas state is lame

[]( Hello everybody, I was a Gragas player during season 5 - 6 (at that time he was played full tank, and It was strong). It used to be used in the competitive, until Riot nerfed the R in season 6, in season 7 they weakened the impact area of the E. After that he never became relevant again, and it was literally in the pit of the jungles, with a poor 44% wr. Today I remembered the post I did on reddit almost a year ago about it. I think Riot made a mistake by "covering up" his condition by increasing his AP ratios. Now Gragas is played AP, and still retains its low winrate. ___________ I don't care if they have to sacrifice the E + Flash combo or the Q slow. But please, don't leave him in this state! ######Sorry for the crypost, have a nice day.
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