Promotion games still piss me off...

I understand the need for it but in certain situations it's both useless and frustrating. I won 12 games in a row (80% win rate in the mid lane) which got me to my Gold promos with Gold 3 MMR as a Silverino Stallone 1. As usual, I'm more stressed out because I know I have to win three out of 5 games to move out of Silver. Now here I am with one loss in my first game (didn't play well/to my full potential and also had bad team mates) and I don't even feel like playing the other ones. You could potentially be forever stuck in a division if you're unlucky in your promos or just someone who's more prone to play worse when stressed out. The one guaranteed win when you lose em was a nice addition but holy shit do I still hate doing promos. TWELVE WINS in a row with GOLD 3 MMR is pretty far ahead of Silver but all of this effort to climb can be cancelled by three loss out of five games. Give me a break. /rant
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