I'm generally pretty willing to accept that I don't need to see where Riot is heading, .. but ...

I really don't like this Dark Harvest change. I'm not really going to say anything new that people probably don't already know because this is a pretty common topic right now. These changes don't make any sense to me. Dark Harvest was probably the one rune that had a pretty clear identity. It was the only true jungler keystone because every other option is more efficient in lane. Now, we (junglers) are losing that. I'd prefer if Riot simply nerfed it into the dirt, but left it so that it functioned as it is. Give it a stack cap! Make jungle camps worth less respectively. Make you have to actually participate in the kill to get a soul instead of just being nearby. Remove the ability to gain souls from allied champions and minions. ... I'm calling it now .. #Jungler2019LUL
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