Meta discussion and Balance

**Junglers are too strong with new runes** Electrocute / Predator / Dark Harvest provide too much damage, which leads to extremely strong early game ganks and snowballing. Maybe make runes and summoner spells scale over game time, rather than based on levels? **Damage dealt to champions vs Wave Clearing always needs to be balanced** Runes have provided a way for champions to kill each other, but this has completely turned the game into level advantage = win. (Runes and Ignite scale with levels) **Very few options for counter picks** I miss having the option of running armor runes into a Zed Or magic resist runes into a Fizz Or even having an option to have more attackspeed over other flat damage runes. **ADC runes and ADC items need to be looked at** I think it's time every ADC has their own unique item to purchase, rather than having the game revolve around 3 ADC's after bans. Because nerfing or buffing ADC items leaves certain champs completely unplayable. **Support items completely removed diversity in laning phase** I feel that coin, spellthiefs and relic are good ideas, but they would be better as a starter item.. only. This way supports can buy other items to catch up, rather than burning 500 gold for an enhanced laning phase item, and another upgrade for more health? That's silly. Keep the support items as starting items, and let supports buy other items.
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