honor locked

well.. it happened again. ive been chat banned and my honor level is locked again. i honestly dont even say anything that bad. i wish i could copy my chat logs and paste them here. i never curse or flame people. all i do is ask defend myself when my team is literally stealing my jungle camps from my the entire game. what i find is common all of my chat bans is that i am ALWAYS PAIRED WITH A PREMADE GROUP OF 3 OR MORE. if i dont play the exact way they want me to, then they start flaming me and doing everything they can to make the game not fun. THEN group report me after the game and some how i get punished when they are the ones that honestly deserve a ban. this has happened to me so many times its really getting depressing. i have 30. yes 30! chests and im unable to even get a single key fragment until im honor level 2 again. does riot really just want people to create a smurf account? i swear thats all this does for the game. if it were up to me i would remove chat from the game entirely if it meant i couldnt get honor locked again. also. i keep stats of every match i play. and from my honor level 0 checkpoint 1 only. i played 16 aram matches. 88 norm draft. and received 55 honors. yet after all this i still didnt even achieve 1 single checkpoint in honor level 0. thats 104 matches.... 55 honors.... and not even a single checkpoint in honor level progress.. at that rate to get to honor level 2 i would have to play 600 matches AT LEAST. thats about how many i played in the entire season last year... the gap between honor progress and honor lost per punishment is seriously ridiculous.
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