League of Legends Is Not The Same Game It Used To Be

This game does nothing except give me headaches anymore. It's sad because I used to have so much fun playing League. Now, however, it's become such a "team game" that no matter how well I do it's a huge pain in the you know what to even be useful on a losing team. I've tried queuing different roles but it doesn't matter. If I'm not duo or pre-made and my teammates are not on the same "playing field" as the enemies, it's a hard painful game every single time. It also usually results in a big fast Loss unless we hold off until late game and the enemy team throws hard. I started playing League 3 and a half seasons ago and this year is the least fun I've ever had playing this game. I never used to tilt or even question my teammates but this season I've started having huge problems mentally because no matter how hard I try it's never enough. That's not something ANYONE likes to feel. In the past I didn't care about my team, I knew that if I played well enough there was a pretty decent chance we could pull through in the end. This season however I NEED my team for some unknown reason. Even when I get off to a great start, even if I play flawlessly, the enemy team finds a way to deal with me every single time if my team plays poorly or makes terrible choices. It's the worst feeling in the world when you start a game 6-0 then end the game 6 kills with 7 or 8 deaths. I hate to say it but League of Legends has been destroyed for many players over the years due to many of the things that are constantly being removed from the game. Every single time a re-work is done champions get ruined horribly. Taric isn't the "superman" of armor he used to, Poppy & Sion lost their entire identity as champions, and Soraka became a team slave with little to no defense from enemies. The new Assassin rework also appears to be literally KILLING champions just because their old style is not "befitting" to what Riot wants. The game I fell in love with years ago is not the game I'm playing now and it's getting worse and worse with each passing year. How much longer will it be before I start disliking League? Not sure how anyone else feels but my frustration is growing more and more. This isn't the League of Legends I want to play.
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