Grounded: Can we have this on more then just Cass?

So, with the new Cassiopia rework got leaked, one of the new things that came out about her was the fact that she has a new effect, known as Grounded. Simply put, anyone within the area of effect of her Miasma spell can not use ANY movement abilities. This goes from everything to jumps like Ez and Lee Sin to Dashes akin to Fiora and Volibear and even things like Thresh's Lantern and the Summoner Spell Flash are all locked out. For a game that's been going through the growing problems of champions with insane mobility, having this introduced is going to be BIG. That said, I'm wanting to know from Riot themselves. Think we might be able to see this on more then just Cass? I'm not saying give it to every champion around, specially since I don't want to see a sudden death of any champion who can jump around like a rabbit on meth, But a single champion isn't going to be enough when it comes down to this new effect, especially if Cassiopia's Miasma is in any way, shape, or form akin to her old spell in how it work. I would honestly love to see this kind of effect on a slow moving, limited mobility bruiser.
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