Riot - Incompetent Designers protected by a Cloud of Hubris Followers

I used to play league... I don't anymore. It seems that Riot are going down the road of pandering to children and babies. They have removed most of the adult references in the game, make champion like {{champion:12}} even easier, adopted a terrible art style, caused massive imbalances and forced Dynamic Q and a system were if you sware you get a "Ummmm... I'm telling" playground attitude from each and every player in the game. It is just disgusting. Riot says they want League to become a generational thing... don't be so delusional. Your game has massive problems now and living in a cloud of hubris won't change that. The arrogance of the developers is just astounding. The things you can get punished for in this game are rediculous compared to ANY OTHER GAME IN THE WORLD. Yes, even the most toxic Call of Duty does not have a punishment system as Nazi based as Riot. People play things and champions that are completely broken or ultimately completely unfair and Riot expects nobody to complain about it? That is really amusing because if the developers were not completely incompetent in the first place, this would not be an issue. Riot consistently ignore their playerbase and wonder why they are losing people every day now? Nobody wants this Nazi ban system that feels like you are living under a police state where freedom of speech is denied. This community is still the most rude, toxic, abuse, horrible, selfish, arrogant in the world and just because they don't say it anymore, doesn't change that fact. Riot as a company has their heads in the clouds completely, punishing innocent players for what they say rather then actually FIXING the massive design flaws that they put in the game. Assassins are building tank items and getting away with it because of BAD DESIGN, no other reason. Of course, there will be people in the community that will blindly follow their lord and savior Riot and be sheeple but you know its funny, because that is exactly how the Nazi's got into power in 1933 because nobody will stand up and challenge what Riot are doing or organise a boycott until they actually change their ways. Riot think they can abuse their community for cash and its disgusting. Well Riot, I'm from the United Kingdom and we don't deal with American Oppression very well. I will never bow to you as a company so I am taking my leave. You and your sympathises disgust me because you are everything that made the Nazi party in Germany so bad, you suppress people's free will, choices and expression and I cannot live with this game any longer. I really hope that I will one day see Riot fall from its pedastal and have only themselves to blame.

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