How are people like this not banned?

During the loading, I checked my blitz and it started going crazy on the enemy support leblanc (ironically that is exactly what I was trying to pick too). I checked his history and assured my team we would win. Sure enough, the enemy lb trolled all game, basically fed on purpose and would go 'this champ is real hard', 'lolol crazy game right guys?', and other nonsense to avoid auto ban via chat. It really feels like as long as you don't trigger the auto censor from chat, that you can get away with pretty much anything as long as you type in chat 'lol guys im really trying but damn this game is hard lol'. It was clear the dude wasn't taking the game seriously and played like he was drunk. I wasn't even the one whose game he ruined, but I was pissed when I saw how much time this dude has wasted of others, and how much frustration and dozens of reports he has generated but continues right on trolling. I can only imagine how pissed his teammates were, as most of them left the lobby immediately after the game ended. Like come on how more blatant can you be?

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