Do people prefer this over what League used to be ?

The insane damage you do at 15 minutes into the match, most damage champions only require 1 item to start popping off and deal insane damage. Now i'm talking about the normal and lower ranks, riot only cares and builds the game around the E'sport scene while the actual majority of the games turn into fiestas. I've played this game on-off since Season 1 and i've never had as little fun as now. The old nostalgia games where actual teamwork and thinking mattered are gone,when you got into champ select and people talked team comps and synergy. Now people rather go for high damage champions & play solo, build 1-2 items and start death matching and chasing each other for 20-30 minutes until 1 team wins. Its boring, and that's why more than half of the champion pool isn't played, because the only viable thing to do in this game unless you're high mmr or in the pro scene is to buy damage and play solo. Just my thoughts.
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