Why Akali is ACTUALLY broken

I see, "oh she has 4 dashes", oh she has too much damage, but you know what the real issue is? Her trading pattern. Her trading pattern is too simple for a "high skill" champion. Akali is REALLY easy once you play a few games on her. Most of your trade power comes from your Q, which is only gated by your energy and effectively has no cooldown. Q being on such low CD means you pretty much beat anything level 1. It's not hard to bully other assassins/midlane melee champs by just pressing Q, AA, Q, AA, which procs electrocute and deals probably half health. This is SUPER broken imo. She can pretty much just zone you off of 1 and half minion waves. it's pretty unfair, PLUS the tip of it slows, making it easier to hit enemies with autos because you slow an enemy down, and speed yourself up. It's really the dumbest part of her kit imo. Her W is something that I think is problematic in that it makes it easier to trade advantageously. You literally CANNOT trade with her while she's in her W. Her E is pretty fair. It's a short dash back that she can use to dash to an enemy or dash to a safer spot if she uses shroud. I think that you shouldn't be able to dash back to shroud though, but that's it. I think this is a pretty decent ability, and the only "broken" part is dashing back to a safer location at no cost. R is fine. It's pure damage, the first proc deals almost no damage, and the second proc is only up 2.5 seconds after the first. I think it's a fair ability on a too-long CD. I think the issue is that, as many have said, Akali has total control over the lane. She controls when/how you trade with her W. Her Q lets her trade very effectively, and with W she just doesn't let you trade back which feels to oppressive. E and R are generally fine. I'd actually like to see W get obscurity back but less damage on her spells. I think the issue is that W is still problematic because it prevents in lane trading. They pretty much "nerfed" W to buff her damage, but that didn't solve her oppressive trade pattern and just made it worse for her opponent. I think taking away some damage and giving obscurity back to W would be good. i also think (and this might be controversial), that her Q should have healing on it when she has 180+ energy. To me, this wasn't much of an issue. This is actually a plus for both parties imo, because if she wants health back in mid lane, she'll have to Q, so you'll know she'll only have energy for one more Q. Right now, she'll pretty much have both Q's up and ready at any point. Giving back her heal would give her a bit better laning for both parties.

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