yasuo nerf needs to be undone.

i do agree that yasuo was an "op" champ before the nerf, but yasuo was not completely broken how most people say he was because they dont like to play against the champ. i think riot overdid the nerf on yasuo and there will be a lot of biased thoughts like "yasuo needs to be removed" yasuo is still broken and needs another nerf" yasuo needs an E cool down nerf" the list goes on, but yasuo is not that broken of a champ unless played right. if someone plays a champ right and they're good at what they do, then they will do well in game, thats not hard to understand. the main point here is that the yasuo nerf should be undone because yasuo feels almost unplayable in a way, but i think there should still be a minor more smaller nerf made to him. i also think that yasuo is still good even with the nerf, but that's late game when he has items, but his early and mid game are so weak that he just sucks as a champ now.
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