Is a Wukong rework something Riot has even discussed?

We never, ever receive any news pertaining to Wukong whatsoever, and it is fucking distressing for someone like me loves to play the champ and owns all but one of his skins (Radiant Wukong) to be virtually unable to play this champion in the shitty tank meta. I do not believe the new bruiser keystone will be particularly great on him as Wukong has always been more burst oriented, and less sustained damage, though he can do so with the right build (which is impossible to achieve because late game never comes). Despite being an armor shredder, he is still, and never will be a tank shredder like his counter-parts J4 and Vi who at least have some form of %hp shred (J4 passive and Vi W) Please, Riot, give me something. Tell me you at least have Wukong in your thoughts, because even that doesn't seem to be the case. He feels like a forgotten champion similar what Urgot, Yorick, and Aatrox (to a lesser extent) were for the longest time, and I am starting to reach my tipping point.
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