NO RIOT. Not the third time in a row. don't let this slide. don't let this happen for the third time in two seasons. LETHALITY JHIN HAS TO GO. THE 4 SHOT IN LANE FUCKER HAS TO GO. THE CHAMPION HAD 50% WINRATE AND 20% PLAYRATE LAST PATCH WITH CRIT BUILD. HE WAS FUCKING FINE. HE WAS SEEING PRO PLAY WITHOUT LETHALITY DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. JHIN BREAKS THE GAME WITH LETHALITY. AM GOING TO CLOSE MY EYES. AND HOPEFULLY IS GONE AM FUCKING SORRY FOR THE CAPS TO THOSE WHO HATE IT. I HATE READING MY OWN POST WHEN ITS CAPS. BUT THIS CAN'T HAPPEN FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW. NOT AFTER WE BUFF HIS ULT AND Q TO COMPENSATE THE REDUCED SLOW ON HIS ULT. NO WAY THIS FUCKER CAN'T WALK TO LANE WITH 20 LETHALITY. HAVE HIS Q DO 300 DAMAGE IN LANE AND HIS 4TH AUTO CHUNKING 1/3RD OF YOUR HP. ok now to be rational. reduce the base bonus ad increase. and increase the amount of ad he gets from crit and attack speed. thas all you need to freakin do. am not dealing with this fucking bullshit. am permabanning this shit. Lethality jhin has been consistently the stupidest thing this game has had for over a year now. ever since his release this bullshit has been a thing and it doesn't get addressed.
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