No, do not nerf Yasuo. Buff tanks, mages, sups, and jungle.

Riot, stop. Every lane, except ADC, is weak as fuck. Faker the king of mid, the undisputed best player, now plays boring bruisers mid and cannot do his impressive plays anymore with Syndar, Zed, Zoe, Ryze, Azir, etc. Where is all the action, assassins, mages, and tanks? The only fucking viable shit at the moment is boring too easy to play bruisers and ADCs. You want to know why Brand and Vel, dominated bot when the ADC were "weak"? Because normal supports were garbage. You want to know why Mal dominated and is about to make a comeback? Because Mages and Assassins are flat out trash. Why is Lissandra, Karthus, Vel, Cass, and Yasuo oppressive and dominating? Because Mages and Assassins are trash. Why is Karthus in the jungle? Because the jungle, in general, suck. Why are Yorick, Yasuo, and Nasus oppressive, because Tanks suck. Why is damage high, because tanks are too weak, and armor pen and lethality is too strong. Like fucking hell, MF is running DB for crying out loud, she is not even an ADC assassin like Quinn, now that we are on the topic of Quinn. When the fuck will she get some love again? She has been useless for two seasons and only gets one month of good numbers. Thanks, I only get a month with my first to main and second most loved champion. I am tired of playing against or as a Bruiser mage, Mal, and all the AP Assassins that can be useful without dying extremely quick to bruisers, ADCs, Assassins, and burst or control mages. I want the Tanks back top and in the jungle, I want ADCs nerfed but real supports buffed. The damage is not too high, there are simply too many damage dealers in the game. Fun little idea, let the tanks have control of the jungle and certain junglers like Elise, Noct, Lee, etc. be viable. Get Xin, and Karthus out of the jungle. That is not off my chest, GL HF {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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