If You Are Wondering Why High Elo Players Smurf instead of Their Mains. Here is Your Answer

im sorry for my language im a bit tilted Well.**the question is WHY high elo players Smurf instead of playing on their mains?** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im just a diamond player and its not that high elo.in before i myself always hated smurf players and i always wondered why these people come and farm low elo instead of playing on their mains why are they destroying other people games. now i can undestand. beside all problems with matchmaking and stuff. The big issue that u face when u get to high elo is boosted players. the thing is boosted players are in all elos but they just get boosted and then they play ARAM and flex and etc... . they dont need to ruin they rank. but in diamond+ boosted players needs to play or they decay so u see so much more often boosted players in games because they have to play or they decay and demote. and in higher elos master+ u dont see that much boosteds but it get worse because people abuse the small population there and they wintrade and u cant do anything about it and the only thing u can do is just watch wintrader is in ur team or the enemy team. and also u see Transfer players. like someone got challenger or master in vietnam server or OCE server which has less population and less competetive and they transfer to NA/EU/KR with challenger MMR where in fact they cant compete with them and they just int. and u cant do anything about any single of these problems. u just get to the point where u cant enjoy the game anymore. the only way for you to actually enjoy the game again is play on smurf and make the game enjoyable for urself in cost of ruining it for 5 more people in low elo. i just made a smurf account and im leveling it up to destroy low elo so i can enjoy the game because its impossible to enjoy the game on my main account.which is sad and its somthing i never taught will ever do but i kinda have to. i hope one day RIOT finds out that the first step and first priority of balancing is matchmaking not the champions. all they focus is just on champions. and i hope one day matchmaking get fixed. ban system get fixed. and all players start to enjoy playing the game again. i know its so selfish to ruin the game for 5 people just to enjoy ur self but league is kinda my life and its my only option and im not proud of it and im sorry for writing all these things. just wanted to share my feeling with u. thx for reading.
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