Talon's rework was a success BUT unfair in some areas..

Talon's theme and his overall gameplay has improved and now he takes more skill to manage the champ. But the thing is, he lost more than he gained. Q) his old Q had the bleed he has atm but with much lower dmg, yet it was a great ability to splitpush, and it's damage could be improved 100% by critical strike since it was a AA reset. Now his new Q deals less damage, lost the ability to splitpush, has a LOW ranged dash which has a bad base damage, and his close ranged critical strike deals only 150% damage. W) this ability lost the most, although it's range was slightly increased, the width was narrowed and a delay on the rakes's way back was added so it's easily dodgeable. What's frustrating is the first part of Rake has the least out of both parts of the ability, it has less damage, and doesn't slow. His old W used to deal more damage since it's base damage was higher, both parts did the same damage and both slowed for 2 seconds E) from a blink ability to a wall jump with no passive. This change made Talon more fun to play, but he lost the outplay potential, and when measuring damage, he lost 15% enhanced damage from all spells and AA. If you wanna consider the 15% damage enhancer and abilities base damage reduction, he lost not only his niche (AOE assassin ) but the purpose of the rework (more single target damage). R) again, the same ability but with lower base damage, yet they gave it more movement speed per level to compensate. Overall, Talon's rework was partially successful in giving him the theme he deserves, but damagewise, all of his abilities deal way less and insignificant damage unless you apply his passive (which where all his damage relies) OR be massively fed and use your close ranged Q to deal decent dmg. It's unfair to keep talon's damage gated by his passive, if this was to be fixed by reducing his passive ratio from 200% to 120% and raising his abilities base damage, that would put him in a better spot for both the player and the enemy.
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