Has Riot forgotten about Quinn?

I really enjoy Quinn, I like her design and playstyle. But some things I've been noticing is that she has some glaring flaws and is very hazy in her identity. Riot is all about how identity is important for a champion, but when most of the community can't decide if she is a horrible adc, a undesirable top lane bully, or a anti-assassin mid laner I think that's a problem that needs to be addressed. I feel like Riot has just forgotten about her, even though I know they haven't because they give her skins here and there. I feel like they are just ignoring her because no one plays her often. I don't care if Quinn never becomes top tier, but when your flamed every game for playing a champion in any role, I think there needs to be a clarification of the champions identity and some attention, no matter how minor, to their kit. Most of the changes to Quinn have been bug fixes, and don't address her identity problems. Quinn doesn't fit as an ADC because she has shorter range then vayne, an unreliable steroid, and an ult that puts her into melee range Quinn doesn't fit as an assassin because she has no real way of escaping a fight after getting a kill if she does get one. Her ult speed falls off if hit even once so she cant stick well enough to use her atk speed, and since her engage tool and escape tool is her E and R, once those are used its impossible to get out unless they ignore you. Top lane you deprive your team of a tank, and you don't offer as much carry potential as other squishy top laners like Fiora, and mid lane you suffer the assassin identity problems. I just feel that riot should clarify her identity, and tune her kit accordingly. I really want to know if Riot is even thinking about Quinn, and I will consider this thread a success if I can get a small confirmation that some fixes to Quinn are even being considered.
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