Did Riot's balance team go on a drinking party this PBE patch?

Jinx W can crit. That's a 350% AD ratio on her W with IE if it crits. If Lux's R kills a champion, it grants 30/40/50% cooldown refund. (Which by the way, doesn't state it cannot stack right now with current text.) Her average build and mastery set is 40% CDR. That puts her R at a 15 second cooldown if it kills someone in lategame. If she went 45% CDR, it goes down to 13.75 seconds. Kassadin is being buffed. The champion that had managed to reach the single highest banrate in League's entire history and got gutted for a good reason. FUCKING 15 SECOND COOLDOWN ON KAT ULT AT RANK 3.
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