Is this Morde ADC some sort of a silly joke? 56.15% winrate as ADC? So instead of making Varus relevant as ADC, instead of making Quinn work as ADC, instead of balancing Vayne (and Jinx possibly), instead of giving MF some sort of scaling that makes sense on her ult (still useless as hell post 15 minutes), you just took a guy that wasn't meant to be played bot and made him overpowered as hell? And in the same patch you made bruisers oppressive as hell? What is even the reason to play an ADC now? How is a Mordekaiser ADC with 56.15% winrate that works only thanks to a silly gimmick (double the exp) any less toxic than old solo lane Mordekaiser? You do realize that this is not "breaking the meta", this is just making a whole class useless as hell. And the silly joke is that solo lane Mordekaiser now has got a terribly low winrate. This duobot Mordekaiser is ten times as oppressive, toxic and unhealthy as solo lane Mordekaiser has ever been.
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