Qiyana's Aram & Twisted Treeline problems

We all know that {{champion:246}} have this issue in Aram & TT One of this issues are, that {{champion:246}} can't use the river element in Aram and TT I know that the main is SR, but it a bit unfair as a {{champion:246}} player, to have this struggles to not use the river element and only can use wall and brush elements. It have a really big impact on her ability to use the elements in their way. personally i think, that Riot can/should do a compromise in these two, to add the river element i hope that Riot will find a solution to this One of my ideas is that Riot could put the river elements, on those two blue circles in TT, that they could be transformed to river elements, but i don't have ideas to Aram :/ If you have ideas, let me know, so Riot can fix this issue :D sry if this is in the wrong board, it always happens :D
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