@Riot Tibbers doesn't fit in Annie's burst kit.

Annie is a burst mage. If her R was nothing but an AOE instant spell that deals 150 / 275 / 400 (+ 65% AP) and had the possibility to stun, she would still be super strong and be able to do her job well. She would still be able to nuke whole teams, she would still have an opressing laning phase, she still would be able to burst a target effiently. My point here is not to tell yall to remove tibbers, but Annie has more potential than what she is doing now. A burst mages goal is to kill you in a single rotation of spell. Wich Annie does well. But if she succeeds by doing so, Tibbers becomes irellevant because the person he was supposed to face is already dead. The only way for Tibbers to be relevant is if Annie FAILS to burst her target, in wich case he will be a threat to her ennemy and make killing her more dangerous. In the MYMU some changes were made to Annie to make tibbers more relevant. Basicaly, the damage from the actual summon was lowered, but Tibbers damage was buffed through his ''enraged'' state when he spawns and when Annie dies/stuns someone. But still, most of the time Annie can one shot her target, just in a diffrent way. Before MYMU: R-W-Q you are dead Now: R-W-Q you have 10% HP left and Tibbers takes it with his attack speed boost then you are dead. In both scenarios, Tibbers doesn't act much in the situation. Unless Annie fails. Wich is not what you want her to do right? So how about we turn Annie away from the burst mage style and make her more of a controler? Tibbers could be an amazing tool for punishing targets that get too close from annie or to ambush people. Right now, Annie is more scary than Tibbers because she is the one dealing damage and stunning you. All Tibbers do is auto attack and walk. What if Tibbers was the one who is more spooky? What if he was the real shit instead of just being a disposable minion that is just the side effect of a spell more powerfull than Tibbers himself. If I had to chose between Tibbers or an AOE stun+high damage ability well sorry but the stun and the damage are way more interesting that the bear. Tibbers should be a total monster. He should run around wrecking people and making anyone run from him. Not the side effect of a spell. Now I already hear you say ''We want Annie to stay a burst mage because that is how people like to play her'' But some champions you reworked changed role and are still very popular in their new role! And you didn't express any concern/regret regarding it. {{champion:114}} Was a meelee carry, is now a bruiser-ish mobile duelist {{champion:104}} Was an ADC, is now a ranged tank assassin bruiser burst mage DPS AD scaling fighter. {{champion:44}} Was an aura based support, is now dedicated to only one target {{champion:55}} Not that it's a bad thing, but her playstyle is totally diffrent from what it was and is now based around picking up daggers. TL:DR; The damage dealing part of Summon Tibbers is actualy stronger than the actual Tibbers itself. It would be fun if Tibbers was a bigger part of Annie's power instead of being a cool side-effect to a spell that is just better than he is.
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