Malzahar Rework Needed~

When I first started playing League earlier this year I went through a bunch of champions and ended up trying malzahar and loved playing his easy kit and strong ulti. Then I got him to mastery 7 and stopped playing him completely. The main reason I stopped using him was because of how dry it feels to play as him. Also he's really Ultimate reliant and doesn't have that carry potential like a bunch of other midlaners I've played. I hear a bunch of people talk about pre rework Malz and honestly if they changed his passive to summoning a voidling per spellcast that last like 5 seconds or something, changed his W to a shield with some mobility attached , and his ult to just the void pool that grounds enemy's + %Hp dmg( got that beautiful idea from an old thread) I feel like he would be so much more fun and playable all around. Thoughts?

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