About the restriction to leave spawn in the beginning of the game...

Being attentive and getting a quick start is I thought was a key component of league. Thus giving purpose to customizing item sets, for easy access to starter items. The hold at spawn, definitely makes it so everyone can start at a fair and even time, but it takes away from the fast/pro quick start strategies that I believed in as a player. This patch is all about adding more strategy to the game, but this hold hinders some solo que player plays. Say the blitz placing that one deep ward before enemy gets to the bush ect. Sure the spawn animation is nice, maybe it can spawn all of us simultaneously int he very beginning? Regardless, I have never felt motivated/confident enough as to comment here, but this hold at spawn is really bothering me personally, and hinders on some early plays I like to do. This isn't dominion, keep the hold at spawn a dominion feature please, where it makes sense. On the normal games, I believe it is a hinderance, and disliked by the vast majority of the community. There might be a very important reason that I don't see to have this, but I simply do not see it.
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