So when can we stop only gutting AD Assassins?

I mean honestly, the balancing for AD Assassins compared to AP feels so horrid. Leblanc's rework is a success, and she averages 2 seconds to kill you, but the 2 second wait results in a literal 1 shot. Revert her to Q R'ing you late game and say her waiting wasnt healthy for her. (This is a full kit revert.) Rengar community cries over the new kit for a year. Throughout the year Riot nerfs the kit, calls the Rengar community babies on reddit, and when they finally revert it, it's only a SOFT revert for a PORTION of his Q, removing the bonus Attack Damage it used to give in favor for attack speed. Evelyn's rework is constantly becoming problematic from no where, almost always resulting in her being a top tier. Nerf nothing to just a slight base damage nerf Talon's rework literally makes all of the old OTP's quit the champion, and he is never reverted. All of Talons rework release bugs also still exist to this very day except the "HUAH! HAH!" spam from rapidly using your Q. Ekko's rework was literally just a passive tweak to kill Tank Ekko. Why do AP assassin's get constant love?
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