I can't take this "stomp or be stomped" gameplay anymore

I have played this game since CBT. That's a longggggg ass time. I've seen every stage of this game, every meta, and every season. Not once in the history of playing this game have I EVER felt more frustrated with the state of the game. Every game is a stomp. Whether it's winning or losing, the game is decided within the first 10-15 minutes, nearly every time. Maybe I'm alone in this, but this isn't fun for me anymore, and I WANT to be having fun. I've put so many years and so many hours into this game, and I've watched it grow from around 40,000 players, to millions upon million. The powercreep in this game has become so extreme. Back in the day, one shotting someone wasn't a very common occurrence. Sure, you would see a super fed prerework GP one shot someone with Parley, or a veigar/nasus with ridiculous stats, but those were outliers. Now, I'd be amazed if you played ANY game (at least in plat or above, I cant speak for gold or below) that didn't have at least one champion on either team being able to one shot anyone who isn't a tank. Sorry, this is pretty jumbled, but it's late and I'm just so frustrated. This isn't meant to be a hate thread by any means, if there's anyone who wants League to continue to succeed, it's definitely me. But I can't just sit here and pretend like League is going in a good direction right now. Edit: CBT means closed beta testing. Edit 2: When I referred to matches being decided in 10-15 minutes, I don't necessarily mean the game actually ends, but this part of the game is so insanely pivotal to the outcome of the match and trying to catch up and flip it around takes some very serious errors on the winning teams part. Your chances of turning it around from a bad start were far greater in earlier seasons than it is now.
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